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SEARCH2O, our maritime program, is at the forefront of historic shipwreck and submerged precontact archaeology, paleolandscape reconstruction, deep-water archaeology, maritime exploration, storytelling, and stakeholder engagement.


We have completed hundreds of geophysical surveys, scientific diving investigations, and shipwreck, aircraft, and submerged historic structure assessments. We have worked on the majority of US offshore wind projects, and we led the submerged cultural resource response to the BP Gulf Oil Spill as well as Super Storm Sandy. Our exploration work includes Shackleton’s Endurance, Clotilda, USS Nevada, and Beeswax (“The Goonies”) shipwrecks.

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We have amassed an industry-leading team, both in depth and expertise. Our staff have investigated four oceans as well as countless other bodies of water, and we have the immediate capacity to support any project on Earth.


We have invested in, and have access to, an unmatched level of cutting-edge remote sensing technology, research vessels, survey vessels, ROVs, AUVs, ASVs, and submersibles that allow us to explore the deepest depths with scientific clarity.


Onboard and below the surface, safety is paramount. As a USACE-approved diving program and AAUS member, SEARCH2O has the necessary safety qualifications and insurance policies to seamlessly integrate into any project.


Trusted by government agencies, offshore wind developers, energy exploration firms, fiberoptic and technology firms, marine robotics companies, oceanographic institutions, and international agencies, we recognize the value of relationships. Our collaborative network of scientific partners ensures that SEARCH2O maintains our position as a thought leader in the industry.

Footage from the Endurance22 Expedition of Endurance. © Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust / National Geographic. View Case Study.