Maritime Archaeology

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Maritime Archaeology

World leaders for submerged cultural heritage management and exploration.

SEARCH is a global leader in maritime archaeology, and we have the largest team of Qualified Marine Archaeologists (QMAs) in the US. We have completed hundreds of geophysical surveys, scientific diving investigations, and shipwreck, aircraft, and submerged historic structure assessments.

The US Navy and BOEM contracted us for major submerged cultural resources studies of the entire Atlantic, Pacific, and Gulf of Mexico coastlines. Together with the DPAA, we led the recovery of downed US service personnel in submerged contexts across the globe. We also explored iconic shipwrecks including Shackleton's Endurance, the "last American slave ship" Clotilda, and USS Nevada.

Our staff includes certified divers, and experts in historic shipwrecks, submerged pre-contact resources, remote sensing, conservation, maritime history, and storytelling.

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Marine geophysical surveys (side-scan sonar, magnetometry, sub-bottom profiling)
Scientific diving for target identification, site eligibility evaluations, and excavation/data recovery
Desktop studies and constraints analyses
Paleolandscape reconstruction


John Albertson, MA, RPA