Submerged Pre-contact

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Submerged Pre-contact

Pioneering the archaeological investigation of submerged paleolandscapes.

SEARCH has completed more than 20 submerged pre-contact projects across 12 US states. Dozens of clients across the offshore wind industry trust our experts for paleolandscape reconstruction and interpretation of submerged geoarchaeology. We have conducted pioneering research throughout the Southeast US, including research at the Chassahowitzka River in Florida, which revolutionized the timeline for human populations in the Americas. We weigh numerous environmental factors, such as sea-level curves, coastal geology, and pollen data to document the presence of ancient submerged landforms, which helps determine the potential for submerged cultural resources. Our experienced staff specialize in field documentation and management of submerged pre-contact features and archaeological resources, including underwater survey, sampling, and excavation.

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Paleolandscape reconstruction
Geotechnical and geophysical data capture and analysis
Scientific and hard-hat diver investigation
Underwater archaeological excavation and data recovery