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Geophysical & Geospatial

State-of-the-art cartography, remote sensing technology, and innovation.

SEARCH is an industry leader in the application of cutting-edge geospatial technology to accelerate delivery of fieldwork, enhance the scientific integrity of research, and provide data clarity for regulatory review.

We have conducted the highest resolution aerial LiDAR study to-date at L’Anse aux Meadows in Newfoundland, and we completed a comprehensive GIS database of all submerged cultural resources in the Gulf of Mexico after the BP Gulf Oil Spill.

We deploy ground-penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometry, and metal detecting to identify archaeological features and mitigate traditionally time-consuming, expensive, and destructive methodologies. We use the full suite of ESRI’s ArcGIS Online, Mobile, and Desktop software to produce high-quality geospatial products. Field data are collected using sub-meter global navigation satellite system (GNSS) and the latest digital data recording technologies, which seamlessly integrate with our ArcGIS Online organization. We also use our StarLink high-speed internet across remote and post-disaster project areas to ensure data transmission continuity. Field data are monitored in real-time, which facilitates increased responsiveness to project changes and faster turn-around times for clients.

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Viewshed analysis and predictive modeling
Ground-penetrating radar (GPR), magnetometry, and metal detecting
Drone-based and terrestrial LiDAR, thermography, and multispectral imaging
Photogrammetry and digital “twins”


Andrew Heller, MA