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Large, multidisciplinary teams of professional archaeologists.

SEARCH has one of the highest capacity teams of archaeologists in the industry, and we are among the most responsive and nimble. We have the experience, expertise, and connections to work in every US state, all US Territories, and internationally.

We conduct approximately 250 projects per year, consistently lead multiple large-scale and complex archaeology projects that are among the largest in the US, and still have the capacity to deploy dozens of field teams and subject matter experts each week. We also have the expeditionary logistical capability to mount long-term projects in austere locations such as the foothills of the Himalayas in northern India, active volcanic islands in Pagan, uninhabited islands across the Caribbean and Pacific, and the rugged mountains and river-accessed floodplains in the jungles of Panama.

All projects are led by cultural resource professionals with regional and regulatory expertise who meet or exceed the Secretary of Interior’s (SOI) standards.

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Reconnaissance and intensive archaeological surveys
Archaeological excavation, site eligibility evaluations, data recovery, and mitigation
Predictive modeling, geophysical services, and construction monitoring
Artifact analysis, digital documentation, and collections management


Greg Hendryx, MA, RPA