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Oil & Gas

Large-scale project expertise and regulatory relationships to ensure timely delivery.

SEARCH has completed more than 200 projects and investigated more than 10,000 miles of oil and gas pipelines across 15 US states. As cultural lead, we have completed some of the most extensive energy infrastructure projects in the US, including conducting the four largest cultural resource projects in the US simultaneously across four separate states.

We specialize in integrating with existing cultural teams to provide field capacity for schedule surges, regional expertise, tribal consultation and engagement, regulatory quality assurance, and rapid response to emergency discoveries. We also create award-winning stakeholder and public-engagement outputs, such as websites, social media campaigns, exhibits, documentaries, and publications.


Clients include Energy Transfer Partners, Florida Gas Transmission & Heritage Holdings, NextEra US, ConEdison Transmission, Summit Midstream Partners, Valero, Williams Energy, and Duke Energy, as well as architectural/engineering (A/E) firms and private entities.

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Working with search

Staff capacity for multiple, simultaneous major projects
Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) expertise
Tribal consultation and engagement
National experience and agency relationships


Bill Werner, MA