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Consistently pushing beyond boundaries to discover the human story.

SEARCH is involved in cutting-edge exploration with decades of experience in deep-ocean, high-altitude, and global projects in remote places. Our staff serve as lead scientists and archaeological principal investigators on scientific expeditions having led remote-sensing missions to the jungles of northern South America, orchestrated oceanographic surveys, and collaborated with scientific teams exploring the Antarctic. Our exploration work includes Shackleton’s Endurance, Clotilda, USS Nevada, and Beeswax (“The Goonies”) shipwrecks. News of these discoveries has reached more than 2 billion people worldwide, and they continue to enrich popular culture, science, and education. We leverage the power of archaeology on land and underwater to connect all humans and to advance the communities we serve.


National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM), the National Geographic Society, Google Arts & Culture, Ocean Exploration Trust, The Smithsonian Institution, and private sponsors.

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Working with search

On-board and telepresence-enabled missions in close coordination with multidisciplinary teams
Adherence to scientific protocols while maintaining respect for sites and sensitivity to sites of sacrifice and loss, often in close coordination with the military
Complex project coordination and a collaborative, respectful approach
Expeditionary safety and logistical capacity, training, and protocols


James Delgado, PhD, RPA