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Cultural heritage identification and management for large private properties.

SEARCH has completed dozens of large-scale land management planning documents designed to inventory, assess, and provide best-practice recommendations for the long-term stewardship of cultural resources. We also offer historic land-use documentation, small-scale exhibits and interpretation, artifact collection curation and display, book and booklet creation, and interpretive trail planning. We work closely with forestry, ranching, agriculture, biology, and conservation partners to conduct multidisciplinary studies. Our scheduling considers hunting, farming, harvesting, wildlife, and other property-specific activities. We support landowners in achievingtheir natural and cultural resource stewardship goals.


Clients include Rayonier, Plum Creek, International Paper, Georgia-Pacific, The Nature Conservancy, the St. Joe Company, and private landowners.

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Large-scale land management planning documents.
Inventory, assessment, stewardship best practices, and interpretation services
Staff with ranching, forestry, agriculture, and hunting property management experience
Plans tailored to agriculture, recreation, wildlife, forestry, and other primary uses