The SEARCH West Indies Group comprises staff with advanced degrees in Caribbean Archaeology, including three Ph.D. Caribbean specialists. The SEARCH West Indies Group and the individual members have conducted field research, written technical reports and books, and published peer-reviewed articles on almost every West Indies Island. We are members of the International Association of Caribbean Archeologists (IACA) and our in-house archaeology, maritime archaeology, and architectural historians are West Indies experts. SEARCH has completed projects on the following Caribbean islands:



Antigua and Barbuda



Crab Cay



Puerto Rico


St. Lucia

Trinidad and Tobago

Turks & Caicos Islands

Grand Turk


West Caicos

East Caicos

South Caicos

North Caicos

Salt Cay

Cotton Cay

U.S. Virgin Islands

St. Thomas

St. Croix

Guana Cay