"SEARCH consistently provides quality services and products for our cultural resources program.  Use of exceptional professional staff members with a variety of experiences, education and training provides FDOT with a level of excellence that is second to none statewide.  SEARCH’s ability to meet stringent deadlines has resulted in real time and cost savings to the State of Florida.  In addition, SEARCH has built very effective relationships with Florida’s cultural resources agency that is invaluable."  - Terri Newman, Cultural Resources Coordinator, Florida Department of Transportation, District 2



SEARCH provides our Transportation customers with the full suite of cultural resource services as well as a comprehensive command of all regulatory, research, and management requirements. SEARCH is a leading provider to the Department of Transportation (DOT), Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), Federal Aviation Authority (FAA), and railway companies. Our transportation work includes support for these state DOTs:

  • California (Caltrans)
  • Maryland (MDOT)
  • Florida (FDOT)
  • North Carolina (NCDOT)
  • Georgia (DDOT)
  • Texas (TXDOT)
  • Hawai‘i (HIDOT)
  • Washington (WSDOT)

As Prime Contractor, SEARCH has been awarded 13 general service multiyear DOT contracts, and 41 more as Subcontractor/Team Member. We also have worked with more than 100 large and medium-sized A/E firms on transportation projects. In Florida, SEARCH has supported FDOT Districts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 7, Florida’s Turnpike Enterprise, Central Environmental Management Office (CEMO), and municipal governments on more than 600 transportation projects. In accordance with NEPA and FAA regulations, SEARCH also has completed international, regional, and military airport and runway projects.

SEARCH’s technical, management, and accounting practices are aligned with our transportation customers’ needs, and our staff includes former DOT, SHPO, and Advisory Council of Historic Preservation (ACHP) cultural resources personnel. We are trained in and have daily experience with Section 106 and Section 4(f), and we regularly provide SHPO, THPO, FAA, and FHWA cultural resource support.

For more information regarding our capabilities in the Transportation sector, please contact Beth Chambless, Project Manager & Transportation Group Leader at beth@searchinc.com / 850-607-2846, or any of the POCs at SEARCH’s offices.