Live Mission: WWII Submarine USS Bugara

Join SEARCH’s Senior Vice President, Dr. James Delgado, as he directs a deep sea archaeological mission to explore a World War II submarine that lies in 800 feet of water off the coast of Washington State.  As lead scientist ashore, Dr. Delgado will work with a team from Dr. Robert Ballard’s Ocean Exploration Trust, the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and the Naval History and Heritage Command.  The robotic undersea vehicle Hercules will explore the wreck of USS Bugara, which sank in 1971 after a long and distinguished service. Using the robotic vehicle and satellite communications, Nautilus will broadcast the mission live on Friday, August 25, at starting at 9:00 AM EDT, and running for the next three to four hours.  Dr. Delgado will be joined by the former Bugara captain, 96-year old LCDR Ed Ettner (retired), who will share his memories of his command.

Delgado, 59, is a veteran of more than a hundred shipwreck investigations, including the wreck of Titanic. Dr. Delgado has led and participated in previous live missions, including robotic dives with NOAA’s ship Okeanos Explorer to the wreck of a Japanese mini-submarine sunk off Pearl Harbor on December 7 1941; and with Dr. Ballard, the exploration of historic wrecks off San Francisco, including the atomic-bombed aircraft carrier USS Independence, and the live robotic underwater excavation of an early 1800s shipwreck in the Gulf of Mexico.

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August 24, 2017
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